Fred Périé

Interface Malicieuse
Video Performance, 45'
Fred Périé, 2019

Video, performance and text : Fred Périé
Percussion and vocals : Seijiro Murayama
Staging : Jean-Michel Susini

This work can be performed in English

keywords : performance, video, interaction, feedback, cybernetics, real-time, AI, gesture recognition, live cinema, digital art, new media art

In a dark room, there is a video projector, a camera and a musician. The space is illuminated only by the residual luminosity that comes from the screen. One could believe in an installation that would not yet work. However, a character has slipped into the audience and takes the latter to task. Where is the picture really? What produces it? The performer turns out to be a somewhat crazy lecturer who talks to us about cybernetics, real time, while seeming himself connected to the computer to which he commands by gesture. The image that is broadcast comes only from what the camera captures and the performer plays with the resulting light loop.

The state of the digital device is defined by a set of transformations of the received signals, as well as the associated adjustment parameters. By his presence or by manipulating the materials and physical objects present in the room, the performer interacts directly with the projected image facing him, which in turn modifies the lighting of the scene (light feedback). He can also modify the state of the device by signs, attitudes or gestures. Thanks to this natural interface, he directs the flow of the performance, mischievously playing with the stability of the system and creating confusion between what the audience sees on the screen and what is happening in the room. The result is a face to face with the image which is intended as a manifesto on the question of devices in the broad sense.

Interface Malicieuse was developed with the help of ESTIA-Recherche (Bidart) and the support of DICRéAM in 2018.